Recopilacion de manuales y archivos para la impresora Creality 3d Ender

Euro XY calibration by luisonoff July 08, 2015

Based on the USA XY nickel test.

I did not find a XY test to use with euro coins that convinced me, so I made one myself.

This print is used to adjust/calibrate your 3D printer XY steps to get better dimensional accuracy. You can also use it to scale your CAD or SLICER program.

3-Axis Calibration by SquirtyPrinter March 23, 2018

I made this to check whether the X, Y & Z axes on my printer are set-up correctly.

I have made this part with a notch at 50mm on all axes and and an overall length on all axes of 100mm. I figured this would allow me to see if any inaccuracy got worse as the travel increased, i.e, is the %age error at 50mm the same as at 100mm.

STEP Calibration Piece (X, Y and Z axis) by voltivo December 04, 2013

To get dimensionally accurate printouts the printer has to be calibrated appropriately. I found that my Ultimaker had some issues reproducing technical models accurately leading to issues with fit of screw holes, etc.

This calibration piece allows to adjust the X,Y and Z-STEPS appropriately.

Eccentric Spacer (Openbuilds / Makerslide) by makevoid April 18, 2014STEP Calibration Piece (X, Y and Z axis) by voltivo December 04, 2013

Openbuilds eccentric spaced, forked from makerslide one

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